A Bony Presentation. April 11th, 2019. Trinidad, Colorado. 

Predatory Reduviidae (or assassin bugs) liquefy the inside of a prey with their lethal saliva and then eat the prey. This process is called extraoral digestion. You might have to do what the other say, you might like being submissive, you might integrate and balance well the other(s) request. Or you might find yourself reacting like an assassin bug.


We are pleased to invite you to our exhibitionist presentation. You might catch up with us in giving and taking actions, orders and requests. Until one says no more and the other has to adjust to the other's decision. Witnesses will be weighting bones out and assessing if it is worth the time. Respecting yourself means doing things on your own time and responding to lofty goals and mundane battles with positiveness. The many ways to present love and build people up are through presents, service (such as washing the dishes), words, physical contact, and deeds that you do for the community.


“Anything for you my love, cakes for the queen of heaven, don't fart so much, chew your food better please, wash your feet, cut your nails, take a bath, put the knives to dry looking down, turned off the sound of your Facebook messenger.” Love knows no bounds, however, our reactions to familiarity diminishes respect. We grow in a way that we hold together, and when we are straight, we are strong. Everybody will see the puzzle and will let go and put an end when the game is over.


Presentació Òssia es tractava de passar-nos ossos. Els ossos simbolitzen sol·licituds, fets i opinions i també els ossos que ens sostenen drets, i que ens aguanten junts i forts. Donant temps a l'altre a pensar si volia o podia agafar l'os o no, respectant el temps, la bravesa i l'ànim de l'altre, i acceptant la decisió, però amb pocs sentimentalismes. Utilitzant un temps suficient de desconfort, resolució i recuperació, però no excessiu. Potser decebedor, a vegades un guanya i l'altre perd, a vegades tots dos guanyen o tots dos perden. Definitivament un joc desencadenant.


Fotos: Luz Morris